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Empowh has been such a blessing! My journey started a few months go and I highly recommend this program. I have been trying to tone and lose weight. I have suffered with high blood pressure for the last nine years and for the first time in a long time I’ve been exercising and really watching my salt intake. My goal is to say goodbye to BP meds by year end or sooner and with Empowh this is very possible.


At Empowh, we have a Coach (Dr. Ferlita) that is so motivating and committed to making sure you reach your personal goals. I’m exercising a minimum of 3 days a week and reading all food labels -first time ever! And that’s because your personalized plan is provided for you each week with Empowh and all you have to do is follow it! The plan is customized to your needs ~ which for me is everything (smile).You actually want to do it for yourself. I feel so much better about my body and can visibly see where I’m toning and beginning to lose fat.

~ Sharon, Enthusiast

Before joining the Empowh community, I had the thought that I already know everything and can handle it myself. That was true until I hit a wall very hard, where no progress anymore, it just stopped. This is where I realized that I must change something in a good way obviously. So, I have decided to join the Empowh community.

After first two week I did feel like I can’t go much at all, it was hard, everything was hard, too many exercises and it was hard, especially decline bench abs for a few minutes, did I say that I hate it, well I do hate it a lot. Anyways, I decided to give it a try anyways, because that’s what I wanted. Time passed by, and month later... I looked at mirror and saw something strange. My body changed; I can see muscles all over my body. Well, I do not see six pack yet, but already four pack is there for sure. I haven’t seen that for long time like never ever!

~ Sergey, Enthusiast

After years of yoyo dieting, I found myself at the highest weight I had ever been.  So, I took off 90 lbs. and then gained 50 back during the pandemic.  And guess where it landed me?  In the hospital with chest pain on my 54th birthday! 


My blood pressure was out of control, I had RA, insulin resistance, and now, I had GERD on top of all of that.  Something had to give!!


Enter Empowh...this is no cookie-cutter program. 


My motivator listened to me, considered my equipment, health challenges, and time constraints and customized my plan just for me.  We adjust accordingly based upon my feedback.  We meet weekly to discuss the good and the bad.  

With each exercise, there is a video you can click on to see how to do it.  We came up with an eating style, and it evolved based upon my doctors' and my feedback.  I now have an eating style I can LIVE with, not a diet.  It is sustainable.  

~ Monique, Enthusiast

I started this program 5 months ago along with my sister. I didn't have any experience with a personal trainer, and I'd heard about Dr. Lisa through a family friend. Being in quarantine had taken a huge toll on my health especially since I was spending most of my day in front of a desk because of school.


This program has given me the resources to make healthy living into a habit. I've learned what works for me and the things that don't, and it's helped me narrow it down so I can consistently follow a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition has also been a big part of what I've been working on these last few months. Figuring out how to make efficient recipes that are not only healthy but easy to make has been a fun process.


I've gotten to try foods I've never tried before, and I also didn't have to give up the things I used to like. It's been a long journey trying to balance nutrition and workouts but I've noticed how drastically it's changed my life and I now know what I can do to keep myself healthy but still not have to go to extreme measures to stay that way because it's turned into a lifestyle I won't break.


~ Abhi, Enthusiast

 I started Empowh because I was looking for a program for my son. As many moms/women do, we take care of everyone else more than we take care of ourselves. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right program. I wanted to find a fitness coach that would listen and create a plan that would really help him. My husband and I met with a few people but weren’t impressed, especially for the price they were charging. One day I was scrolling through Facebook, as I sometimes do, and to my pleasant surprise, I came across Dr. Lisa’s Facebook page.

 I sent Dr. Lisa a text sharing with her the need I had to find my son a good fitness and nutrition program. She contacted me the same day to discuss what I was looking for and to share how Empowh could help. In less than a week, she customized a program that fit my son and me, even though I had contacted her for him. Fast forward three months, she not only helped me with fitness and nutrition, she also helped me with a digestive condition that I’ve been suffering with for over 40 years and no medical physician (I’ve visited many) has been able to help me with.

~ Milly, Enthusiast

I was in search of a nutrition program that suited my needs. I work two jobs and time is of the essence but something good & nutritional was my goal.


Dr Lisa and the staff at Empowh put together so many scrumptious meals ! Very easy prep & not time consuming. 

I want to be in control of my own health.  No one else is responsible, but me and I hold myself accountable.  I might have a tough day, but I'll start fresh the next day. 

Empowh should be your last stop if your looking for what I found!

Thank you Empowh and Dr. Lisa for keeping it balance and realistic for a total lifestyle change.  No diets, no fads, no BS.

~ Regina, Enthusiast

I have tried multiple times, just like many of us to lose weight. 2020 hit and I didn't gain weight, but my stress level got a lot worse. I worked in the Covid unit at the hospital as an RN. I worked a lot, even more than usual, but it was also very isolating. Because I worked in this unit, I felt like I shouldn't be around anyone to limit exposing anyone. So, I was isolated in another way. I gave so much I was just exhausted. It was so draining. I decided life is short and I need to do what is best for me. I deal with  a lot of anxiety and depression, so I was looking at what to do for my mental health. I knew I needed to be healthier physically which would help me mentally as well. As I was looking into this, I stumbled upon Dr. Lisa's program through a friend. I jumped on the chance to try it out. Talk about timing, so I couldn't help but take it as a sign. I can be type A and knowing I have a to do list keeps me motivated ha.


I started out slow, I really wanted to make the changes in my life and not rush them and be burned out. I made small changes and small workouts. Now I feel weird when I don't work out. I like rest days too, don't get me wrong. I knew I wouldn't eat healthy 100% every meal but made the limits for myself. I am now doing so much better. I have made these more permanent changes. I love the check in's and even the video workout with Dr. Lisa, she really helped me and made sure I was doing everything with intensity and correct form. I love her honesty and no bullshit. 

~ Andrea, Enthusiast


 Oh, the COVID 10! Like most people, when the pandemic hit, my life was turned upside down. Gone were the days in the office, social activity of any kind and my gym membership was one of the first things to go. I thought I could manage with a make-shift gym in my garage and was adamant about keeping to some fitness routine on my own. But as the days crept into weeks and then into months, and the hours just increased sitting at my desk in my home office (which was pretty darn close to the fridge), I noticed that my body was changing, and for the worse! I had gained close to 10 pounds, my blood pressure had risen, and I had zero strength and flexibility. In February 2021, I decide it was time to do something about it and rejoined the gym, hired Dr. Lisa Felita, and became a part of the Empowh program.


  The start of the program was intense! I guess any movement would have felt intense having not done much in close to a year. But Dr. Lisa was phenomenal and built a program specifically suited to my goals. It was simple, lose the weight, firm and strengthen the body and lift the booty (all without burpees)! Dr. Lisa created a program that was both comfortable on my body but also constantly challenged me. The combination of HIIT and strength training along with Dr. Lisa’s constant input and motivation was the exact combo I needed and within 6 weeks, I started to see a noticeable difference. My clothes were starting to fit better, I received compliments about my “guns” and during a physical 3 months later, I found out my blood pressure was back to normal. One of the best parts about Dr. Lisa and the Empowh program is that my fitness program is constantly changing. New exercises and sets are added to level me up and keep my body constantly grinding. It's addicting and I love it!


  Now 6 months into the program, the weight is gone, my energy levels are through the roof, I feel stronger and healthier, and have far more confidence. While I know I am doing the hard work to get to the positive mental and physical state I desire, it wouldn’t have happened without Dr. Lisa and the Empowh program. Her individual attention to each of her members is inspirational and she motivates me to be the best me I can be every day. Thank you, Dr. Lisa, and the whole Empowh community.


~ Sheree , Enthusiast

Luz Booty Growth.png

We’re growing booties over here.

Our Enthusiast Luz was already so good at going to the gym and getting the proper nutrition - she just couldn’t build her bootie. She joined Empowh on May 7th, the first photo (after) was taken on August 8th. 


Dr. Lisa made a custom plan for her  and today she has shown she crushed her goals!

Dr. Matt had already done some work outs on his Peloton, and invested in so many nutrition supplements and powders. As a Dr. his schedule is very busy and he was limited on time.

We removed all of the noise of quick fix nutrition supplements, powders, and frozen meals. We taught him meal prepping, portion control, real foods and healthy treats. 

We designed his fitness for his goals and based on his home equipment. We started slowly and then with our motivation this enthusiast Dr. Matt pushed further. Did he have life events and travel for work that occurred to not have him consistent every week? Yes.

Did we work through this events with him and adjust his personal training and nutrition. Of course we did, duh. 

His wife took notice too and she enrolled Empowh a month later.

I started this program 3 months ago because I'd heard about Dr. Lisa through a relative. I was skeptical about having an online trainer and how accountable I would be if I wasn't seeing them in person during my training.


However, I really enjoyed the way the program was set up and I had a great trainer who personalized the program based on my needs and took the time to understand what I wanted out of the program. 3 months in, fitness has become part of my routine and it doesn't feel like a chore I have to complete anymore. The most important thing for me to get out of this program was to create a lifestyle I wouldn't break and it's been a great journey these last few months to the point where I can't imagine a week without going to the gym!


~ Shreya, Enthusiast

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